January 10, 2018

Sophia Stuart has a nice article this month on PC Magazine about Peña Station NEXT. Below is an excerpt:

When you think of Panasonic, you might think home electronics, but the Japan-based company, which turns 100 this year, can also be found on planes via seat-back entertainment and in cars via infotainment systems and batteries; 51 percent of the Tesla Gigafactory is dedicated to producing Panasonic-branded batteries, too.

But the company’s biggest play is called CityNow, a bid to become the go-to partner for cities that are ready for a serious futuristic upgrade.

PCMag was in Denver recently, which happens to be Panasonic’s first CityNow rollout in the US. We met Jarrett Wendt, EVP of Panasonic Enterprise Solutions, at the company’s new building, a green edifice that produces more energy than it consumes. It’s also in the middle of nowhere: 400 acres of a city sector yet to be built, dotted with cranes, demarcated with developers’ billboards, just one stop in from Denver Airport.

“I was tasked to find out what translates from our success with the first Sustainable Smart Town in Fujisawa, Japan,” Wendt told PCMag. “That was an 8.5-year build process and is complete with renewable energy systems providing a five-day resilience for off-grid power, EV charging stations, the latest security systems and IoT-enabled homes and businesses throughout.

You can read the full article here.