Peña Station NEXT represents the future of real-world communities. A new, forward-looking approach to real estate development. A new vision for placemaking that synthesizes clean energy, mobility and healthy living principles together like never before. Peña Station NEXT is one of the most unique places you’ll ever visit, and one of the most remarkable places you’ll ever live.


Enjoy the best of Rocky Mountain living in a next generation community.

Imagine a community where a three-minute walk takes you to the office, a café, a gallery or a park. Where advanced technologies keep you in the flow at work, home or play. Where the best practices in sustainability and clean energy make it effortless to protect our planet. Where the community truly believes in the power of forward-thinking and forward-living. Now imagine all of that—and more—placed in one of America’s greatest cities, where the most spectacular natural landscapes host unbelievable sunrises and sunsets every day. This is Peña Station NEXT.


Peña Station NEXT is leading the country with renewable solar energy.

Peña Station NEXT is a community-centric, transit-oriented development where energy efficiency, green building and renewable solar energy add up to clean energy that powers your business, your home and your active lifestyle.

Paving the Way with Green Building Guidelines:

Green buildings make for healthier, happier, more productive places in which to live and work. That’s why Peña Station NEXT requires that each project, at a minimum, meet LEED Silver criteria.

Microgrid Powered by Clean, Resilient, Renewable Energy

A 1.6 MW solar PV system at the 61st and Peña rail station, and another 259 kW of solar PV on Panasonic’s rooftop, help power Peña Station NEXT with renewable energy. This system and a large on-site battery system owned and operated by Xcel Energy form a microgrid that strengthens energy resilience and ensures the community is supplied by clean energy.

Partnering with Panasonic

Panasonic’s initiative in North America, pioneered here at Peña Station NEXT, is transforming communities into hubs of innovation and clean energy to bring a connected and resilient environment to all residents.

Transit-Oriented Development

With its location directly adjacent to the 61st and Peña station on the RTD A-Line train, Peña Station NEXT is all about transit-oriented development and convenient mobility options. It’s also about mobility that helps protect Denver's air quality and climate.


With unprecedented mobility comes unprecedented freedom.

Peña Station NEXT is not only a dynamic transit-oriented community directly connected to the RTD A-Line commuter rail, between downtown Denver and Denver International Airport, but it also offers a range of energy-efficient mobility options, including electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, and a connected network of trails for bikes and pedestrians throughout the entire Peña Station NEXT community and beyond.

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Creating a community that inspires healthy living.

At Peña Station NEXT, you’ll be empowered to live a green, healthy life in a “smart growth” environment. Our network of streets and multi-use paths, connected to the broader trail system, provide a walkable and bikeable environment that is conducive to maintaining individual wellness goals. The existing and future multifamily housing developments in Peña Station NEXT offer swimming pools, fitness facilities, yoga, mindfulness and meditation, game rooms, social gathering events and more.

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Don’t miss this opportunity.

To build something this special, you need special partners. Join us in realizing the most exciting development in North America.