Creating a place this NEXTraordinary requires strong partnerships. From public transportation to world-renowned businesses to industry thought leaders, our strategic relationships are helping to bring to life the vision of Peña Station NEXT.


Fulenwider helped shape the prosperous, booming Denver metro area as we know it today—and the iconic developer is at the forefront of building our region’s tomorrow. For over 100 years as a hands-on master developer and vertical development company, Fulenwider has developed a variety of projects including Class-A high-rise office buildings, shopping centers, resort and urban condominiums, industrial parks, multifamily and single-family residential communities, hotels and a world-class ski resort.

Denver International Airport

As co-developer with L.C. Fulenwider, Denver International Airport is actively developing its 60 acres of land within the innovative Peña Station NEXT project through The Denver International Airport Division of Real Estate. Denver International Airport is the only major airport to be built in the United States in the last 25 years. The facility is undergoing a $3.3 billion expansion, adding 39 new gates, along with six additional runways to meet future global demand. It is the nation’s fifth-busiest and the world’s 20th-busiest airport. Denver International Airport welcomes its air travelers with safety and efficiency, operating with environmental consciousness while providing the fourth most nonstop flight destinations in the United States.

Panasonic Smart Mobility Office

Panasonic selected Peña Station NEXT as the location for Panasonic Smart Mobility Office (formerly Panasonic CityNOW), its North American smart city headquarters. The company is driving transformational change for municipalities, their residents and private developers through public-private partnerships that are designed to optimize the management and deployment of city services, enhance lives and reduce energy consumption. Peña Station NEXT was selected over 21 other locations, based on its suitability for the creation of a high-tech development in North America, similar to Panasonic’s successful sustainable community in Fujisawa, Japan.