July 22, 2015

Denver Suburban Review has an article about the Pena Station project. This is from the article:

Denver International Airport (DIA) and the Regional Transportation District (RTD) have announced that a sixth station will be added to RTD’s East Line adjacent to a planned 400-acre transit oriented development.

RTD’s East Line is a 22.8 mile commuter rail line that is slated to open in 2016. This line will connect Denver’s Union Station with DIA. The original plans for the East Line did not include this sixth station that will be located at 61st and Peña Boulevard.

Travel time from Union Station to DIA was originally slated to be 35 minutes. With this station at 61st, the estimated travel time is now 37 minutes. The commuter trains will travel at a top speed of 79 mph.

“This new station provides a convenient access point into RTD’s regional rail system for commuters and other riders from the growing northeast metro area,” said David Genova, RTD’s interim general manager and CEO. “This improvement would not have been possible without our long-term partnership with Denver, its airport team and the landowners, who worked together to create an asset that will significantly benefit the region.”

Read the entire article here.