The Denver Post Has An Article About Smart Cities

June 5, 2019

The Denver Post has an article regarding the number of Smart Communities being built in Denver. Peña Station NEXT is featured in the article. Below is a brief excerpt with a link to the full article.

It has become an increasingly important cog in modern growth and it is manifesting in some very real ways around Colorado and in the Denver area.

In two places on opposite ends of the metro area — Sterling Ranch in Douglas County and the Peña Station Next development near Denver International Airport — people are now living in communities specifically built around smart city and smart home technology. These are places where the garage door can be closed with a smartphone app from across town, and the local bus is driven by a computer system, not a human being.

“These communities are serving as test sites for proving out technologies and approaches,” Jake Rishavy, vice president of innovation for the Denver South Economic Denver Partnership and a co-founder of the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance said of the two locations. “It’s all about de-risking that innovation process and encouraging more adoption of new technologies.”

You can read the full article here.