United buys land near DIA

September 5, 2023

United Airlines has purchased land near Denver International Airport to use for pilot training. The airline has acquired 113 acres of undeveloped property; the expansion could result in 240 new jobs. Below is an excerpt of the Megan Ulu-Lani Boyanton article with a direct link to the Denver Post original article.

United Airlines put plans in the works this week to expand its ability to train pilots by purchasing land near Denver International Airport for $33 million.

The two parcels of agricultural land, a total of 113 acres, are undeveloped. The parcel at 17671 E. 64th Ave. in Denver would be used for the expansion project.

“This property gives us a lot of options,” said spokesperson Russell Carlton in a statement on Friday. “We’ve already begun work on plans to use part of this land as the site for the expansion of our world-class Denver pilot training facility and we’ll evaluate additional opportunities in the future as our United Next plan unfolds.”

The expansion of the training capabilities is expected to create 240 jobs – flight instructors, simulation technicians and engineers – with an average annual salary of $186,500, according to the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation and the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade.

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