Council Approves Denver Airport Road Widening

July 30, 2019

StreetsBlogDenver has an article about the Peña Boulevard road widening project. Below is an excerpt.

A plan to widen the road to Denver International Airport, which would make traffic worse and wipe out the city’s newly-minted goals to cut greenhouse gas emissions, will get a vote from the Denver City Council on Monday. The $94 million project would expand part of Peña Boulevard from six to nine lanes and be the first of four phases in a 10-year road expansion program that could total more than $1 billion.

“In the past five years, we have spent $400 million on transit,” said Rachel Marion, director of government affairs for DIA. “Which to our knowledge, is more than any other entity in the state of Colorado outside of RTD and maybe CDOT.”

But RTD says the A Line could be expanded. Some segments of the line have just one track, which limits its frequency to four trains per hour in each direction. But stations could be adapted to accommodate longer trains.

“The station platforms can be built out to increase train length from four to eight cars each,” said Laurie Huff, a spokesperson for RTD, in an email. “The track alignment and geometry were designed and constructed to allow for future expansion.”

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