Everything You Should Know About Denver’s Airport Train

July 30, 2019

StreetsBlogDenver has an article about the increased usage of the A-Line train that runs to the airport. A link to the full article is below.

In this story, we look at the cost, route, ridership numbers, vehicles, station design and other issues related to the Regional Transportation District’s second-newest railroad, the train between Union Station and Denver International Airport.

Commuter vs. light rail

Commuter rail is relatively new to RTD, with its first route, the A-Line to the Denver International Airport, opening in April 2016, and its second, the B-Line from Union Station to Westminster, opening in July of that year.

RTD operates two types of trains. The familiar light rail vehicles, which have run in the city since 1994, and commuter rail vehicles, which are heavier, carry more passengers, can travel at higher speeds and generally go longer distances between stops.

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