Mass Transit Article: Uber, Lyft and the A-Line train have changed the game at DIA

July 30, 2019

Mass Transit magazine has a great article about the changes Uber, Lyft and the A-Line are making at DIA. Of course, the A-Line runs right in front of Peña Station Next. Below is an excerpt with a link to the full article.

Touted as the “train to the plane,” the region’s 3-year-old airport line has delivered on its promise of ferrying thousands of people a day from the city to their flights, helping to upend ground transportation at Denver International Airport.

But a funny thing happened on the way to DIA: A similar number of people — more than 3 million last year — still ride to and from the airport in cars. Just not their own.

It’s the rapid rise of Uber and Lyft that took airport officials by surprise in a span of four years that also saw the long-anticipated start of the Regional Transportation District’s University of Colorado A-Line. DIA began allowing ridesharing services in late 2014, and since then they’ve done more than jolt the taxi industry. Their meteoric rise has drawn business not only from former taxi passengers and travelers who used to be dropped off by friends or relatives, but also those who once frequented the airport’s parking garages and lots.

At the same time, DIA has experienced an unprecedented period of growth in passenger traffic, which increased nearly 20 percent from 2015 through 2018 — a situation that normally would have meant skyrocketing demand for parking.

Read the full article at Mass Transit.