February 15, 2017

Panasonic has posted a new story on its website about the Pena Station Next project. Here is an excerpt:

The City of Denver is well known for its progressive approach to sustainable technologies and renewable energy. That’s why a partnership with Panasonic to develop and deploy solutions and technologies that will help them meet their smart and sustainability goals made perfect sense.

While Panasonic is perhaps best known for their consumer electronics products, they have long provided both public and private enterprises with technologies and solutions that enhance the experiences of their customers. They’re the world’s leading provider of infotainment systems for the automotive industry, for example, and the leader in information, entertainment and communications systems for commercial airlines. Panasonic also has a strong legacy in green and sustainable technologies. They provide the batteries for electric vehicles from Tesla and Toyota, and they design, develop and deploy energy management solutions for sports and entertainment venues, college campuses and municipalities. One prominent example is the solar array at Sonoma Raceway in California; a system that provides nearly half of the track’s energy demands.

The company’s most ambitious project to date, however, is the planning and development of a Sustainable Smart Town in Fujisawa, Japan. Built on the site of an old factory, the town is now a thriving community with renewable energy systems that can provide off-grid power for up to 3 days. It also features EV charging stations, security systems and smart home technology.

You can read the full article here.